Our Brands In Action

At U.S. Water, our brands play a major role in helping us achieve our corporate mission to be the global water provider by 2020 as well as live up to our company values and customer promises. We provide engineered solutions to our customers by offering an integrated approach combining chemical, equipment, engineering and service into one complete package. In order to achieve this, each of our brands work hand in hand to find a solution that addresses your unique challenges. Because our brands are all provided in-house, we can provide one point of contact that understands the balance between chemical and mechanical solutions, how changes in one can impact the other, and what it means for your system for a truly seamless offering. No other water treatment company can provide the same level of service or skill all under one roof.

U.S. Water

U.S. Water provides integrated solutions engineering for a variety of industries. We provide chemicals for boiler, cooling, ethanol process, wastewater and oil and gas as well as specialty chemicals. In addition to our chemical programs available, we can also provide an integrated solution combining chemical, equipment, engineering and service utilizing U.S. Water's own capital equipment, spare parts, monitoring & control, and chemical feed equipment so you get the utmost in asset protection and system capability. Our in-house analytical laboratory can also provide a variety of testing services, reagents, test kits, and SDS support.  

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U.S. Water Engineering & Equipment Team

U.S. Water's Engineering and Equipment team provides engineering services, equipment, and field service programs as well as spare parts. Our engineering services can be utilized for a variety of applications including design/build services, existing facilities, system evaluations, water re-use solutions and zero liquid discharge projects. With an equipment production bay located at our St. Michael, MN corporate headquarters, U.S. Water's Engineering & Equipment team can build capital equipment such as reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, and filtration systems to your specification. Request a quote for these items today! We can also provide smaller scale equipment such as chemical feed equipment for solid chemical and secondary disinfection as well as instruments and controls, filtration, media, membranes and spare parts - request a quote today! Our Field Services team is also available for on-site maintenance of your U.S. Water purchased equipment.  

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U.S. Water Ethanol Process Technologies Team

U.S. Water's Ethanol Process Technologies team was created in 2007 dedicated to the development and deployment of technologies designed to drive continuous improvement within the process-side applications of the biofuels industry to provide increased safety, increased production, lower cost of operations, reduced maintenance and compliance by improving ethanol plant efficiencies and reducing process bottlenecks. The Ethanol Process Technologies team is capable of delivering value through mechanical, operational and chemical offerings that consist of deposit control, corrosion inhibitors, fermentation friendly emissions compliance and corn oil recovery additives. Contact us for more information on how the Ethanol Process Technologies team can assist your facility.

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U.S. Water Energy Services

U.S. Water Energy Services is dedicated to focusing on engineered solutions for the oil and gas industry. We specialize in providing integrated offerings that combine chemical, equipment, engineering and service into one tailored solution, unique to your challenges. This approach, coupled with our Seven Service Standard philosophy, enable us to get the job done quickly, cost-effectively, safely and with no harm to the environment. We provide solutions for the Drilling Completion & Stimulation (DCS) market, Upstream Market and Midstream Pipeline and Asset Integrity market.  

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