Corporate Responsibility

At U.S. Water, we understand that community involvement is important on both a local and national level to support the beliefs and values we embody in our corporate culture each and everyday focused around family, growth and giving back. We've proudly stood behind, supported and instituted campaigns to help raise funds for both local and national charities and charities close to our heart. 

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Giving Back

Adopt-A-Highway Program

Adopt A Highway volunteers save MnDOT $5 million every year! In our continued effort to support our community, U.S. Water has proudly adopted a two mile stretch of highway along Hwy 25 north of Watertown, MN. To keep our highways clean, U.S. Water has committed to providing volunteers twice per year. 

Local Charities

U.S. Water believes in giving back to the community at every turn possible. Over the last few years, we have been able to donate to St. Michael/Hanover Meals on Wheels and the Senior Center, as well as charity drives for school supplies and annual drives for Toys for Tots during the holiday months. Most recently, we were able to donate proceeds from a customer event to the Alzheimer's Association Minnesota - North Dakota Walk To End Alzheimers. Our Cambridge, MN location also began a group to raise funds for men's health taking part in the annual Movember event. To support our industry, we also donate any raffle proceeds from external events to Engineers Without Borders to help fund their projects. 

Children's Hospitals & Clinics

As a family oriented company, U.S. Water believes that children are one of our greatest natural resources. In October 2001, U.S. Water and its customers helped raise funds for Children's Hospitals donating a portion of all new application sales from October 2001 to March 2002 to Children's Hospitals and Clinics. The donations raised affected more than 1,000 children in the Upper Midwest being allocated to certain programs or given to the general fund.  

National Disaster Relief

After a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook the small country of Haiti on January 12, 2010, over three million people were left without access to safe drinking water. This natural disaster could not have hit a more vulnerable place as Haiti had the unenviable distinction of having the weakest water structure in the western hemisphere prior to the earthquake.  John Lapointe P.E., a design engineer for U.S. Water's Engineering & Equipment division partnered with Kevin McClellan, a self employed Minneapolis businessman, and brought the dire water quality situation in Haiti to the attention of Allan Bly, owner of U.S. Water. After discussing the best immediate and long term options available, the plan was to provide a reverse osmosis (RO) unit to the Lamp for Haiti clinic located in Cite Soleil, a large slum neighborhood situated alongside the ocean on the outskirts of the city of Port-Au-Prince. 

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Soldier & Veteran Support

Employing many military personnel, U.S. Water believes that veterans hold the same core values that we do here at U.S. Water. In support of our military, we are proud to supply jobs to veterans and donate to the Wounded Warrior Project as often as we can. 


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