Leaving the World A Better Place with Better Water.

U.S. Water is committed to sustainable solutions for our customers. Our goal is to provide customer a superior environmental return on investment (ROI) that enhances the sustainability of your business. With our services, we can eliminate or reduce the threats to businesses from discharge restrictions by using water and energy more efficiently while enhancing production output. 

We were committed to sustainability even before it became a popular way to describe what we do. U.S. Water believes innovative water and process management is crucial to solving the environmental, social and economic issues that face us today. Combining chemical, equipment, engineering and service into an integrated approach allows us to view your system in an objective manner and find a personalized solution to solve your plant's most challenging water, energy and compliance problems. 

Our sustainable programs include:

Economic Sustainable Solutions

Economically sustainable solutions are programs designed to save you money with an immediate and long term ROI by reducing the amount of water and energy needed for production.  U.S. Water's economically sustainable programs include:

  • Assurance™  Monitoring Packages - monitoring and trending your system to identify potential problem areas. This monitoring system also allows for the application of alarms to notify you when designated specs fall out of parameter. 

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems - improving the quality of water by removing impurities that can cause build up on heat transfer surfaces and increase energy use. 
  • COR™ Corn Oil Recovery Ethanol Process Chemistry
  • Boiler MP Chemistries - designed to remove and prevent scale and corrosion that can cause increased water and energy use in boilers and heating equipment.
  • Cooling MP Chemistries - designed to remove and prevent scale and corrosion that can cause increased water and energy use in cooling systems, towers and chillers. 
  • Simul-Wash™ combined air and water backwash operation that uses about 1/2 the amount of backwash water as conventional backwashing systems.

Environmental Sustainable Solutions

Environmentally sustainable solutions use a variety of products to meet your environmental permit requirements and LEED certification to lessen pollution and reduce water use. U.S. Water's programs include:

  • Secondary Disinfection - chemical and mechanical applications to remove biofilm and delivery and safer more effective and efficient alternative to biocides.
  • Resources Engineering Services - find ways to reduce, reuse or eliminate wastewater.
  • Integrated Zero Liquid Discharge Services (iZLD™)
  • LEED Design
  • Emission Control Chemistries for the Biofuels Industry

Social Sustainable Solutions

Socially sustainable solutions are the actions of a business that have the potential to affect the community at large in a positive manner. U.S. Water's socially sustainable programs include:

Utilizing our experience and flexibility the possibilities for realizing sustainable solutions is based around your facility's specific goals and needs. The most common benefits include improved freshwater availability for surrounding communities, reduced water, energy and chemical use at your plant, reduced or eliminated wastewater, as well as increased efficiency, reliability and overall system profitability.  

Find out how you can leave the world a better place with better water, contact U.S. Water to solve your water, energy and compliance challenges today.

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