Our Corporate Mission, Vision & Values


U.S. Water will be universally recognized as the most innovative and flexible provider in the marketplace by focusing on safe, economical and environmentally sound solutions. Our employees will provide the most cost-effective integrated solutions comprised of engineering, equipment, chemistry and service to improve customer operations. We are committed to providing our employees with opportunities for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving effectiveness of our solutions. Employees will be provided the same respect and responsiveness within the organization which they are expected to share with customers.  


U.S. Water Services 20/20 vision is to be the innovative provider of total water and energy solutions.


Customer Focus
We shall be committed to put the best interests of our customers first and take great care of the trust that our customers put in us.

Employee Fulfillment
We are committed to develop and maintain U.S. Water as a great place to work for the fulfillment of our employees. We will encourage and enhance the personal development of each employee. Our people will be the best the water industry can offer.

We will get paid fairly for the value we provide to our customers.

Safety shall be our first priority as demonstrated by our intentions and actions.

We will provide a significant return on investment for our customers.

We will be open, honest and fair with our customers and our employees. We will do what we say we will do.

We will have innovative technical solutions to customer problems.

We shall be flexible to meet our customer's unique needs and develop solutions specifically designed to meet their goals.

We will provide leadership in the water treatment industry and everyday in each employee's job. We will do the right thing as guided by our principles. We will not turn our heads, but rather meet challenges and obstacles and overcome them.