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There are over 4,000 Universities and Colleges in the United States that have an enrollment of over an estimated 20 million students. Many of these colleges are city's of their own with the same budget challenges. These higher learning institutes not only educate the students, but are research centers driving technology and social programs. Like any large complex, the HVAC systems are large and intricate. The focus to manage utility costs, equipment, infrastructure and meeting the needs of all the departments is a challenge. Many Universities and Colleges are on the leading edge of innovation to provide a sustainable environment reducing carbon footprint of the campus. U.S. Water understands the challenges these large facilities face and continue working on programs that are specifically designed to meet the design of each campus environment. Our engineering ability to look at managing alternative water sources, minimizing waste streams from tower and steam boilers and management tools are all part of the commitment we have for these facilities.

Equipment Asset Protection

Protecting equipment internals with an effective water treatment management program is critical to manage the equipment assets and maximize energy and water efficiency. U.S. Water programs focus on "best practices" when treating cooling, chilled water (TES) and heating systems. This includes our complete line of filtration systems, TowerAssurance™ , part of the Assurance™ packages specific to cooling tower monitoring programs, EnergyOUT™ steam boiler program or advancements in our biocide program using ChlorOpt™ or ozone technology to help provide the right choice for each facility. Our programs are designed to extend equipment life, maximize energy and water efficiency while using safe and environmentally friendly programs. 


With the movement in LEEDS programs many Universities and Colleges are committed to demonstrate innovation, leadership and environmental stewardship to reduce carbon footprint of their facility. U.S. Water works closely with our University and College customers to minimize energy and water usage by maximizing the cycles of concentration and keeping heat exchange surfaces clean of scale, corrosion products and microbiological fouling. As part of our Assurance™ package, our TowerAssuranceTM cooling tower monitoring programs allow us to monitor your system using advanced automation and document the results for real time analysis in U.S. Water Reports™. U.S. Water has also designed programs like SolidPro™ solid chemical feeding system to reduce shipping costs, and use as an alternative to liquid chemical - ideal for small or hard to reach spaces. 

Innovative Technologies To Drive Down Utility Costs

This is one of U.S. Water's strengths. Our ability to look at HVAC systems from an engineering approach that combines both pretreatment equipment and chemistry provides the most cost-effective approach to meet the needs of your facility. Our focus starts with an initial audit of the system to determine what the best solution is to treat the equipment based on the design of the HVAC and potable water systems, sustainability goals, safety and simplicity.

From there, programs such as TowerAssurance™ cooling tower monitoring from our Assurance™ packages, ChlorOpt™, SolidPro™and EnergyOUT™ can be considered. No matter what program is chosen, you can manage the program through U.S. Water ReportsTM online monitoring system for instant data retrieval and alarming. This allows quick response to any water treatment issues that can arise. 

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