Integrated Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage processors have unique concerns. At U.S. Water, we understand that issues of profitability, quality and regulatory compliance drive your business. We also understand that with all the demands of producing high quality products you may not have the luxury of a water treatment expert on staff. Often companies are confused about what chemical or mechanical solutions might be right for them. U.S. Water helps food manufacturers face their water challenges by offering a unique, integrated solutions model that utilizes our Seven Service Standards philosophy that allows us to listen to our customers, understand their needs and help meet your goals. 

U.S. Water believes that creating the right water treatment solution is not a "one size fits all" approach. Plants that achieve the best results select an approach from all available technologies. That is where an integrated approach pays off. By combining chemical, equipment, engineering & service, we can develop a program that will deliver improved sustainability, reduced operating costs, and improved results. Matching proven chemical treatments with innovative in-house equipment and engineering capabilities, U.S. Water provides financial savings for any facility through increased operational efficiency by delivering clean, efficient water systems.

We provide services to the dairy, canning and thermal processing, poultry processing, meat processing, seafood processing/canning, beverage, seed oil process and fruit/vegetable processing markets of the food and beverage industry.  

Reduced Operating Costs

Often overlooked, utility costs are among a food production facility's largest expenses, second only to raw materials. Scale and fouling of heat transfer equipment wastes electricity, water and fuel. While chemical companies offer solutions focused on chemicals and equipment manufacturers focus on their designs, U.S. Water's integrated approach includes chemical treatments, service, innovative in-house equipment and engineering capabilities and an understanding both that provides the best overall solution.  By providing comprehensive water treatment solutions we help you reduce water and sewage costs, and maintain or even improve heat transfer efficiencies that directly save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars annually. We offer pretreatment packages that include filtration, softeners, and reverse osmosis systems; as well as chemical feed and control with our AssuranceTM Package TowerAssurance monitoring for cooling towers and U.S. Water ReportsTM web based monitoring tool. Our chemical programs for food processors include potable, process water, steam boilers, cooling systems, odor control systems, wastewater treatment, and fruit and vegetable wash and flume water. 

Quality and Regulatory Compliance

At U.S. Water we understand that food production facilities have special quality requirements. In order to provide the very best products, extend shelf life and operate within regulatory compliance it is crucial that production facilities monitor and treat water and water systems to prevent issues that might impact product quality. U.S. Water has experience in helping hundreds of food production facilities meet their water quality requirements. We provide solutions for potable water treatments and control packages and pretreatment equipment packages including reverse osmosis units and dealkalizers.  Our regulatory compliant products and programs include FDA, USDA, NSF, Kosher, National Organic Program, and poultry bird chiller and meat carcass wash chemistries. 


Forward thinking food processing companies are placing greater emphasis on voluntary efforts to conduct their business in a manner that reduces their impact on the environment. Some of the key areas that customers are focusing on are conservation of fuel, reduced emissions (notably carbon), and reducing water use and water discharge. At U.S. Water, we use our integrated approach to help companies reduce their use of water, minimize fuel consumption, and reduce their impact on the environment by providing equipment, chemical and service packages into one tailored solution. Our filtration, water softeners and reverse osmosis equipment pretreatment packages reduce water and fuel use while our green line of chemicals includes low phosphorous cooling chemicals, low toxicity chemicals, SolidPro™ solid chemicals, ozone generation and ChlorOpt™ chlorine dioxide packages.  

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