Integrated Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

The Healthcare industry continues to grow rapidly as the overall population in the United States gets older with over 76 million baby boomers starting to turn 65 in 2011. The rising costs of healthcare, financial pressures and regulations continue to provide some unique challenges to the Healthcare industry whose primary mission is to provide high quality care for the sick and injured by specialized staff and equipment. It is estimated that total U.S. expenditures will exceed $2.7 trillion and continue rising through 2016.

Healthcare facility engineers continue to face increased budget and manpower reductions while seeing increased regulations by the Joint Commission, DOH, AIA, OSHA, CDC and the ASHRAE Standard 188P. While the regulations are designed to protect patients, the cost of compliance continues to challenge an already depleted engineering staff. U.S. Water Services innovative programs are designed to reduce time to manage water treatment programs and document results through our U.S. Water Reports online monitoring system. Now the engineers can have the confidence your water treatment system is running properly with minimal manpower requirements. 

For Healthcare facilities, U.S. Water provides programs designed with the following in mind:

Patient Safety

The primary focus in hospitals is patient safety to prevent Nosocomial infections that can lead to severe patient conditions and even death. Managing waterborne pathogens continues to be one of the major challenges for Healthcare engineers. U.S. Water programs which include advanced filtration, secondary disinfection of potable water system through ChlorOpt™ and increased awareness when treating decorative fountains and cooling towers are all part of the enhanced programs. U.S. Water works with hospital engineers to manage the water treatment program through our online monitoring system U.S. Water Reports, to meet the increased regulations and record keeping required. 

Supply Chain Savings

Healthcare facilities continue to reduce supply chain costs through aggressive management of their suppliers without jeopardizing quality. U.S. Water continues to provide cost-effective water management programs that protect equipment assets while minimizing utility costs. Many of our healthcare customers have seen significant reduction in total operation costs when using U.S. Water. 

Equipment Asset Protection

Healthcare facilities require the use of large HVAC systems to maintain temperature in the facility and operate process equipment. Protecting the equipment life from scale, corrosion and microbiological fouling is critical to minimize energy and water usage, but also extend the life cycle of the equipment. U.S. Water advanced water treatment equipment and chemical program provide the level of protection required. Our advanced boiler program EnergyOUT provides enhanced quality boiler feedwater while reducing energy and chemical use.  


The Healthcare industry is committed to reduce energy, water and waste streams to protect the environment and be a good community leader. U.S. Water's green initiatives enable us to focus on the economic, social and environmental aspects of facility sustainability developing programs like EnergyOUT and SolidPro boiler and cooling tower solid chemical line which allows us to increase worker safety by eliminating the need for liquid chemical to treat HVAC systems. For customizable sustainable solutions - see our sustainable design and sustainable equipment options as well.

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