Integrated Solutions for New Construction

U.S. Water has unique special teams and personnel who focus on new construction projects, as well as support our many mechanical contractor customers around North America. Most water treatment companies rely solely on their already over-tasked field personnel to pursue new construction opportunities - not U.S. Water! We have dedicated new construction managers and equipment installation teams strategically placed in all major markets to help you. U.S. Water will provide you with reliable and timely hands-on service at the local level.

Working with Mechanical Contractors to Provide HVAC Water Treatment Solutions:

  • Water Treatment Feed & Control Equipment
  • Professional Equipment Installation Personnel
  • Variety of Chemical By-Pass Feeders & Water Filters
  • Pipe Cleaning & Flushing Chemicals
  • Water Treatment Chemicals & Microbiocides
  • Technical Site Visits For Water Testing & Consulting
  • Long-Term Technical Service Commitments
  • In-House Laboratories for Critical Analysis
  • Variety of Chemical Container Sizes


Customizable Solutions For Your Facility

The problems your facility faces are unique, with their own set of variables and challenges. A one size fits all approach may work with other water treatment companies, but not with U.S. Water. We offer standard equipment for common problems that can be modified to address your unique situation; or completely customized solutions specific to you and your facility.  U.S. Water Services Equipment & Engineering group manufactures our equipment packages in-house allowing for greater flexibility and complete customization ensuring your equipment will address any problems, and meet any space restrictions. Furthermore, building our equipment in-house eliminates the need for third party manufacturers and allows us to keep our costs low so we can pass the savings onto you.

Easy Installation

All of our equipment pieces are designed to provide easy installation. Our water in to water our package is designed to integrate directly into your current system. One such unit is U.S. Water's Skid Mounted Equipment allowing us to package your equipment to be capable of mounting in almost any location. Just hook up, and our skid mounted equipment is ready to integrate into your current system. These packages can be fully customized with a variety of:

  • Pump Combinations
  • Controller Combinations
  • Additional Equipment
  • Safety Shut-Offs
  • Corrosion Coupon Racks
  • Chemical Feed Options

Reduced Water & Energy Costs / LEED Certification

U.S. Water is dedicated to providing our customers with environmentally friendly solutions. All of our equipment pieces center around a selection of materials for construction that have a low footprint to manufacture, as well as optimization for water and energy use efficiencies. We strive to seek out new, and alternative technologies, that help improve not only sustainability, but also plant performance.

Available equipment options for mechanical contractors or new construction include: dealkalizers, water softeners, corrosion coupon racks, chemical pumps, injectors, potfeeders, centrifugal separators, cartridge filtration, bag filtration, glycol feeders, chlorine removal, FRP product line, sand filtration, EZ Feed no chemical handling tanks, SolidPro solid chemical feeders, cooling tower blowdown assemblies, carbon filters, chemical feed systems, controller, reverse osmosis (RO) units, pre-filters, membranes, serviceable deionization (SDI) and much more.

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