Integrated Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

U.S. Water’s Energy Services team is dedicated to focusing on innovative, engineered solutions for the oil and gas industry that get at the root cause of problems – finding, and eliminating them at their source. We offer more options for enhanced oil recovery utilizing an integrated approach that combines chemical, engineering, equipment and service options to find a personalized solution that meets your needs.
At U.S. Water, our goal is to create a working environment where safety is the main priority, ensuring the well-being of those on-site while preventing harm to the environment. From start to finish, our system integrity program allows us to identify and monitor areas that are most exposed to risk, map your pipeline, perform risk mitigation analysis on your production, and introduce best practices to ensure successful management of your program.
We provide products and services for three main sectors of the oil and gas industry including:

Gas Plants & Processing Facilities

Using our integrated capabilities, we can help you significantly decrease the total cost of operations due to equipment failure, scale build-up, compressor downtime and leaks. We work as a member of your team to remediate unwanted system performance issues with specialized chemical programs developed to assist in a wide variety of conditions to improve processing and product quality. Your plant will benefit from lower energy and disposal costs while decreasing the frequency for turnarounds and their duration.

Pipelines & Asset Integrity

Changes in pressure, volume and temperature during production can cause unwanted challenges. U.S. Water will work with your team to clean-up gathering and transportation lines and prevent deposition in the future and accurate In-Line Inspection data. Our Energy Services team provides ongoing field testing, including initial system surveys, application and dosage information, pipeline monitoring and information sharing to ensure your system is operating at its most optimal performance. Our monitoring services and recommendations throughout the process allow you to fully understand the root cause of the problem, our approach and control measures, and any associated costs that may be involved.

Produced Water & Re-Use

Challenges arise every day in produced water handling, which is why you need confidence and trust in your water program provider. U.S. Water’s team will help improve well injectivity to recover more oil and prevent system downtime. With real-time injectivity index monitoring, you to take immediate proactive actions for improvement. Our custom re-use solutions will help you conserve millions of gallons of freshwater resources for ongoing drilling and completion operations, as well as create a revenue stream by generating recycled water for frac water, completion brine and freshwater re-use.


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