Chemical Feed Skid Mounted Equipment

Skid mounting equipment has become end user's preferred way to install and operate water treatment equipment. Skid mounting designs allow for equipment to be easily and securely transported; and the plug and play convenience gives users the ability to quickly apply dosing technology immediately upon install. Our chemical feed systems are designed with the most reliable and durable components on the market, including chemical storage tanks, pumps, mixers, timers, alarms, controllers, injection nozzles and gauges - customized into a single skid mounted unit, based on your water system needs.

U.S. Water Engineering & Equipment, a division of U.S. Water Services, chemical feed systems are designed for the highest level of reliability while incorporating the simplicity of skid mounting design, allowing them to be mounted in almost any location and space constraints. Our chemical feed systems are built and designed in-house, allowing customized packages to be created with your choice of functionality. Your skid mounted equipment can be created using your choice of pumps, controllers, and even additional equipment such as corrosion coupon racks, water meters, or tanks. Equipment you select for your system is mounted onto a PVC back plate and includes a strainer, pressure gauge, flow switch and check valve. Contact us for more details on how skid mounted equipment can be utilized in your facility.

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