Equipment Capabilities

U.S. Water's Engineering & Equipment Group has the capabilities to provide water treatment equipment from spare parts up to custom made capital equipment. We specialize in the development of pretreatment systems, chemical feed systems, custom platform controls, and automation. Our designs are based on hard-won field experience in applications around the country and are some of the most advanced equipment solutions in the industry today. 

U.S. Water's Engineering & Equipment Group has the water treatment equipment solution to solve your unique plant issues with our standard equipment lines or complex custom equipment designs. Our equipment solutions include:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

In facilities where fuel and chemical usage are a concern, reverse osmosis systems' removal of deposits can dramatically raise the cycles of concentration in the boiler, decreasing water demand and reducing the chemical costs required to treat additional incoming water.

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Media Filtration Systems

Designed to handle both high and low demand, U.S. Water Engineering & Equipment's Gradient™ line of media filters are designed to remove suspended solids and sediments, using various media, ensuring the desired water quality is met to protect your system. Available as part of our standard product line or customizable to meet your specific needs.

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Water Softening Systems

U.S. Water's RidION™ water softeners are designed to handle both high and low water demand conditions by removing the hardness ion via the ion exchange process. We can meet your softening needs through our standard line of water softeners or by completely customizing a water softener to meet your plant's exact specifications.

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Instruments, Controls & Spare Parts

U.S. Water's Engineering & Equipment Group has a variety of instruments, controllers, spare parts, resins, pumps, pump repair kits, and much more available for purchase as well. Not sure if we carry it? Just ask, we'll be happy to provide you a quote for almost any product. 

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