EnergyOUT™ Systems

EnergyOUT is an innovative solution that provides substantial energy savings and improved steam quality for customers operating steam boilers. 
This energy reduction program combines U.S. Water’s chemical solutions with a complete reverse osmosis (RO) system. 
EnergyOUT maximizes water quality in your boiler resulting in fuel savings from reduced boiler blowdown and lower chemical us-age. In addition, EnergyOUT allows you to increase fuel efficiency without significant capital costs by packaging the equipment and chemical into an operating lease that is competitive with chemical only programs.
  • Direct Energy Savings EnergyOUT provides reduced boiler blowdown, saving on fuel, water and sewage costs.
  • Enhanced Plant Sustainability through use of an RO, EnergyOUT lowers fuel demand, carbon emissions, chemical use and water discharge. 
  • No Maintenance or Membrane Costs with standard maintenance built into the package.
  • Improved Steam Quality by reducing CO2 resulting in more pure steam and less chemical needed to protect the system.
  • No Capital Expenses required as the RO skid comes with the price of the EnergyOUT package. 

Equipment Features

  • Low Energy Membrane Elements
  • VFD for Energy Savings
  • Connections for Exchangeable ACF Filters
  • Automatic Level Control of Purified Water Tank
  • Permeate Holding Tank and Forwarding Pump for Distribution to Feedwater Tank
  • pH Neutralization of Purified Water for Legacy Make-Up Piping Protection
  • Totalized Make-Up Flow
  • Fast, Easy Installation 

Program Feature

  • Minimal Operator Attention
  • Energy Conservation
  • Water Conservation
  • Improved Boiler System Protection from Scale and Corrosion
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emission 

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