Equipment Services

U.S. Water has a wide variety of equipment services and equipment service professionals nationwide to assist you with your needs. We offer: 

Field Service Programs

Protect your capital equipment while reducing labor and maintenance costs and increasing equipment reliability with U.S. Water's Field Service Programs.  We offer services for Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Softener Systems, Media Filtration and much more. 

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Serviceable Deionization (SDI)

SDI systems are an ideal solution for high-purity water needs in any industry requiring up to 18.2 Megaohm water. These systems can be customized for activated carbon, anion deionizers, cation deionizers and mixed bed ion exchange resin.

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PLC Programming

U.S. Water PLC programmers are available for on-site and remote PLC programming needs to automate and make your system run more efficiently.

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Reverse Osmosis (RO) Services

Regular cleaning and servicing of your RO and its membranes can extend the life of your capital assets and increase efficiency. 

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