U.S. Water Customer Seminars

The more you know and understand about your system, the more you can safeguard against system failures and increase reliability. U.S. Water’s water system seminars teach you the mechanical, chemical and operations of your system, as well as how to protect your assets with the latest technology and automation packages.

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Upcoming Seminars

Water Management Programs & Minimizing the Risk of Waterborne Pathogens - Webinar

Join U.S. Water experts on Tuesday, October 17 at 10:00 PST to address recent changes and explore the options available to assist in mitigating the risk. During this free, 60 minute webinar, our presenters will discuss current standards & regulations, water management  programs, water treatment fundamentals, minimizing the risk of waterborne pathogens, Legionella fundamentals, secondary disinfection and treatment options

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Boiler Water Workshop – Plymouth, MN

Join U.S. Water for our Boiler Water Workshop on Thursday, October 12 in Plymouth, MN. This workshop will be an in-depth educational experience that will educate your operations and engineering staff on a variety of Boiler Water Topics. The workshop will consist of 8 sessions to attend throughout the day.

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U.S. Water's International Water Treatment Seminar - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Join us Thursday, October 19-20 in Punta Cana to share experiences in water treatment program applications, equipment and technology for different industrial segments. The two-day technical seminar will make emphasis on general water treatment, best practices in the industry and the advanced automatic control technology of chemical programs.

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