Why U.S. Water?

Together, We Can.

U.S. Water’s integrated approach combines chemical, equipment, engineering and service to provide environmentally sound solutions that improve our customers’ water and energy use and optimize system efficiencies.

Our employees work as an extension of our customer’s team to understand their unique operating challenges and dynamics. By combining our innovative equipment and engineering solutions, sustainable chemical programs and industry experience, we offer integrated water treatment programs designed to prevent unscheduled downtime, improve system reliability and support your environmental goals. All of our capabilities are provided in-house, providing one point of contact for our customers who understands the balance between chemical and mechanical solutions.

We discuss system recommendations and priorities with our customers before our service even begins. During service, we utilize our Seven Service Standard Approach to provide service plans and regular documentation to show our customers how their system is progressing. By pairing our Seven Service Standards with our Integrated Approach, our customers receive a detailed program on how we will find, and eliminate, the issues affecting their system.

The Future of Water

At U.S. Water, we have a passion for developing and delivering unconventional solutions that leave the world a better place with better water. Our integrated sustainable solutions help our customers reduce water and energy usage, pollutant discharge and chemical feed to increase their facility’s efficiency, reliability and profitability. Our corporate culture is built around innovation and creativity, allowing our team to create some of the most cutting-edge systems available in the marketplace today.

Our Commitment to Quality & Safety

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and certified ISO 9001:2015 , U.S. Water is a dedicated leader in safely delivering quality products and services to our customers. We are 100% committed to meeting or exceeding the requirements of our customers and all of our key stakeholders. We will achieve this excellence through safe practices, teamwork, engagement, continuous improvement and innovation.

To learn more about becoming a U.S. Water supplier, view our Terms & Conditions and contact us at (866) 663-7633.

Seven Service Standards

Plant Survey

U.S. Water's personnel conduct a thorough survey of your plant, providing a complete layout and analysis of your system, pinpointing areas of interest and providing a baseline. This allows us to communicate with the facility to determine what needs to be done based on the plant's current operation and the target goals we will work with your plant to achieve. Once the goals are in place, our staff will develop and deliver an effective water management plan specifically designed to achieve those goals.

People Survey

A survey of the facility and the personnel within allows U.S. Water the ability to work as an extension of your team, identifying key members that should be communicated with during all visits and within all levels of the facility.

Service Plan

U.S. Water utilizes a service plan for all accounts. A service plan is an agreed upon and signed service agreement stemming from the plant survey between our corporation and your company. This document is our promise to you that we will do what we say we are going to do.

Program Operations Manual

U.S. Water provides operation manuals to each facility. The operation manual serves as a continuous training vehicle for your facility's operations personnel listing the products used, control ranges, testing procedures and applicable Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Service Reports

Completed after each U.S. Water representative visit to your facility, service reports will provide you and other individuals, as designated by the people survey, a weekly to monthly audit and analysis of your system identifying current inventory, feed rates and project status as well as recommendations for improvement and return on investment.

Program Reviews

Program reviews are done between U.S. Water and your facility personnel. Program reviews provide an annual and quarterly review of your program goals, current program, future goals and upgrades as well as cost savings and return on investment. This review allows for open communication between both organizations that showcase the progress on achieving the plant's operational goals as established earlier.

Plant Audits

Plant audits are an annual review by an independent outside source to ensure that improvements in your system and quality standards are achieved on a regular basis.

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