Assure Water Treatment Programs

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U.S. Water’s Assure programs are a simplified way to automate and monitor your water treatment system. Each Assure package is panel-mounted and includes a variety of customizable monitoring, control, and communication elements.

U.S. Water’s Amplify™ program pairs our Assure line of control programs with a utilization contract. This allows our customers to upgrade to the latest water treatment control technology without the financial stress of a large initial capital purchase or financing charge.   Amplify allows you to bundle a complete chemical feed and control package together including pumps, tanks, and/or solids feeders.

ClearAssure is a disinfectant monitoring and control program designed for decorative fountains, pools, spas, closed loops and more! The control system is an easy to install, panel-mounted solution that includes industry leading controls, customized sensing options along with remote monitoring and control to ensure safe, reliable and accurate system control. With ClearAssure, U.S. Water manages the supply and feed of the disinfection product of choice for your application.
Included with all ClearAssure panels is the U.S. Water Gateway. The Gateway provides a continuous and seamless flow of critical key performance indication and control data to U.S. Water’s online portal, U.S. Water Reports. Plant operators can then view live controller data or graph and trend historic data from any device with an internal connection, and adjust feed rates and program schedules for complete system optimization.

Improve your cooling tower performance and maximize your system efficiency with U.S. Water’s TowerAssure program. Three customizable packages are available to meet your specific cooling water treatment needs, offering leading edge software, cellular communications, automation and monitoring in one simplified solution.

  • TowerAssure 1000: Ideal for cooling programs that require minimal monitoring and control points.
  • TowerAssure 2000: The flexibility of this panel’s configuration makes it an ideal candidate for effectively managing a variety of cooling programs.
  • TowerAssure 3000: Designed for heavy industrial applications.

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