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Reliability in monitoring and control of each piece of equipment is essential to ensure water treatment systems are operating as designed, and capital equipment is protected. U.S. Water’s suite of controls and automation solutions combine hardware and software elements to create a seamless water automation system to unlock maximum value from the water treatment program.  

Complete Automation Solution Benefits

  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Increased safety in operations
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced risk to production through asset sustainability
  • Remote accessibility
  • Simplified integration

U.S. Water Reports, our reporting and monitoring system, allows plant operators 24/7 access to your system’s operational data, ensuring asset integrity and operational efficiency. By combining data collection from user input and connected systems, operations staff and U.S. Water representatives receive real-time notification of developing conditions. This allows users to react quickly to developing conditions before they lead to interrupted operations or unplanned downtime.

The U.S. Water Gateway is the unique and easy to install solution for full utilization of our online features. The Gateway provides continuous and seamless flow of critical key performance indicators and control data to U.S. Water’s online management portal, U.S. Water Reports. Plant operators can then view live controller data or graph and trend historical data from any device with an internet connection. As required, equipment can be accessed remotely for urgent system adjustments.  

Compatible equipment and control systems gain complete access to U.S. Water’s suite of digital solutions. As data is received, even from independent systems, calculations are automatically run to provide move value than just specific parameter notifications. Data and key performance indicators are analyzed automatically not only for specific excursions, but also for developing trends.

Interactive dashboards offer an intuitive visualization of your water treatment program.  These dashboards are delivered directly to the operator’s inbox, on a scheduled bases, and are also available real-time via an interactive web browser.  The engaging nature of our dashboards gives plant operators the ability to dive into the system’s analytics for predictive modeling, rate-of-change analysis, and more!

Membrane filtration systems, such as reverse osmosis and nanofiltration, require close monitoring to ensure efficient and maintained operations. With the nature of these closed systems, developing problems are sometimes tough to identify; especially since no one piece of instrumentation indicates the condition inside the system (until it’s too late). SMART Care takes the guess work out of the analysis of membrane system operating conditions. All data is automatically analyzed and operational recommendations are made in order to maintain efficient operations for not only the membrane systems, but the downstream dependent equipment. Implementation of SMART Care is not limited to membrane systems - the rest of the water treatment equipment can be monitored as well.  

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