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Raw water carries various types of suspended solids and sediment that can negatively impact downstream equipment. Build-up of sediment can cause downstream fouling of water treatment equipment, cooling systems, boilers, process or other equipment, resulting in downtime for cleaning, low flow rates or even equipment replacement. U.S. Water’s industrial filtration solutions remove suspended solids and sediment from poor incoming water to prevent fouling and increase system life.

Able to be used for oxidation, ammonia removal, VOC or other contaminant removal, U.S. Water’s high efficiency aeration and stripping equipment is designed to perform under a variety of demanding facility specifications.

Polyester Bag Filters
An economical choice when high levels of particle removal are required, polyester bags can tolerate tough environments while offering top notch performance. Polyester bags can be used for a variety of applications including removing suspended solids, filtering condensate and removing fines.  
Polypropylene Bag Filters
Compatible with a wide range of corrosive fluids, polypropylene bags offer high dirt holding capacity, superior chemical resistance and are rated at over 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cartridge Filters
Typically used as protection for RO membranes and closed loops, U.S. Water’s high consistency polypropylene melt blown cartridge filter is available in both plastic and metal construction with numerous end configurations. This filter features enhanced dirt holding capacity and an extruded fibrous core for enhanced durability, and is NSF certified and FDA compliant for food and beverage contact.

Available for both bag and cartridge filters, U.S. Water offers a variety of stainless steel filter housings for industrial and commercial filtration needs. For large capacity, heavy flow and heavy sediment applications, our Big Blue® housing allows for greater cartridge capacity and its polypropylene construction offers excellent chemical compatibility.

Our Dualator gravity filters incorporate aeration, detention and filtration in a single structure, significantly reducing the equipment footprint. Capable of achieving flow rates from 80 gpm to 2 MGD in on process train, this versatile solution can utilize a variety of filter media and is ideal for Hydrous Manganese Oxide (HMO) radium removal and as a pre-treatment for membrane applications.

Filtralator gravity systems are designed based on specific facility needs, incorporating geometry, depth, effluent requirements and specialized media. The customizable internal features, paired with a variety of underdrain systems, provide a conservative and easy to operate solution.

Great for both small and large flow systems, the Vortisand filtration system can reduce total suspended solids in circulating water loops by more than 90%. This prevents the need for costly system shutdowns to drain, clean, flush and refill the system when solids are present. The Vortisand’s full automated system ensures the system operates at maximum efficiency with minimal chemical use.

OptaCell pressure filters are incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications including arsenic, iron and manganese, radium, organics, membrane pre-treatment and turbidity. Used in moderate to high flow pressure filter applications, OptaCell horizontal pressure filters can be constructed from 8 to 12 feet in diameter, end or side piped, and in a single or multiple cell configuration. OptaCell Plus™ isolated cell configuration enhances plant efficiency with the capability to remove a treatment cell from service while other cells remain operational.

Ideal for filtering poor quality raw water, these easy to operate, automatic filters feature a self-cleaning mechanism. Designed for a variety of applications including cooling water, wastewater, pre-filtration and irrigation, self-cleaning strainers support flow rates up to 1700 GPM with filtration screens available to 10 micron. During the short self-cleaning cycle, there is no interruption of downstream flow.

Solid separators offer maximum protection from unwanted solids. With no screens or filters to replace, no backwashing required and low to steady pressure loss, they ensure trouble free operation of fluid handling systems.

U.S. Water’s Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration systems feature highly permeable, hollow fiber modules designed for suspended solids and turbidity reduction at small and large flow rates. With available pore sizes down to 0.03 microns, material is trapped and concentrated on the membrane surface. Depending on the water source, recovery rates can be as high at 97% making UF/MF a preferred technology when reducing wastewater volume.

Fully automated with internet based controls, U.S. Water’s U-Flex membrane is one of our most advanced technologies. The U-Flex system has the ability to treat difficult source water to meet existing and future water quality regulations, including issues with turbidity and barriers composed of pathogens and solids.

Simul-Wash is a sustained air and water backwashing processing that uses a “collapse-pulsing” technique. Compatible with variety of manufactured underdrain systems, Simul-Wash works in horizontal and vertical pressure filters, gravity filters (concrete and steel), and in low profile retrofit applications. The proprietary design allows an unlimited duration of the combined air/water backwash cycle without media loss, and requires as little as half the water of a conventional backwash system! The unique water conservation features of Simul-Wash allow for a significantly downsized backwash chamber, reducing wash water consumption, operating expenses and water use.

Completely customizable, VertaCell pressure filter systems are available in single or multiple filter configurations using virtually any media. Available from 2 to 12 feet in diameter, VertaCell systems can be erected in-place, or completely shop fabricated.

Gradient™ Media Filtration
U.S. Water’s Gradient line of media filtration systems ensure water quality is met by utilizing a variety of media filters to remove suspended solids and sediments, iron and manganese. Designed with an epoxy coated frame, Gradient filters can be pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation.
Gradient LD Greensand Filters
The manganese dioxide coated surface of the Greensand Plus media promotes the oxidation reaction of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. Effective at high temperatures and differential pressures, Gradient LD Greensand Filters provide longer run times while reducing the number of backwashes.
Gradient LD Activated Carbon Filters
Gradient LD Activated Carbon Filter’s high microporosity and coconut shell internal surface effectively reduces tastes, odors, chlorine, ozone and low molecular weight organic contaminants to increase water quality and reduce run times and media replacement costs. The filter’s intermittent backwash is used to remove any accumulated suspended solids from the filtering bed and re-grade.
Gradient LD & HD Multi-Media Filters
Effective at higher temperatures and differential pressures than standard manganese greensand media filters, U.S. Water’s Gradient LD & HD Multi-Media Filters are designed with five different layers of media to provide longer run times between regeneration and efficient particle removal.

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