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In March 2019, U.S. Water joined the North American Kurita Group of companies. As a leading supplier of sustainable water treatment solutions, Kurita’s international network of organizations represent world class leadership and innovative technology designed to provide our customers with improved efficiency and product quality through the thoughtful use of water and process resources. U.S. Water’s opportunity to offer Kurita’s award winning, patented technologies allows us to continue to provide our customers with exceptional value through our integrated solutions platform.

Patented Chemistry for Scale and Corrosion control in Low to High Pressure Boilers and Closed Loop Systems

This innovative and patented technology from Kurita, is designed for complete protection of steam generators, hot water boilers, and closed systems. The Cetamine Film Forming Amine (FFA) product line is developed as an all organic product concept for complete protection of metal surfaces, that when applied correctly, effectively shuts down the corrosion cell process and promotes a passive magnetite layer formation. The FFA technology will also help remove loosely bound, existing deposits from heat transfer surfaces increasing system efficiency and overall cleanliness. The boiler water products are designed to protect the complete system including the deaerator, feedwater piping, boiler and condensate return systems, replacing standard oxygen scavenging, internal treatment and condensate pH control products. In closed loops, excellent corrosion protection is achieved on all types of metal surfaces including aluminum.

Key Benefits:

  • Complete plant protection through a hydrophobic protective film
  • All-organic treatment with low impact on feed water and boiler water conductivity
  • Improved heat transfer compared to conventional treatment programs
  • Reduced flow accelerated corrosion
  • Increased efficiency and reliability
  • Significant water and energy savings

Patented Chemistry for Control and Removal of Silica, Iron, and Hardness in Low to Medium Pressure Boilers

Kurita's DReeM Ploymer, which stand for Dispersion and Removal effect Management, is a unique chemistry developed to maximize heat transfer surface cleanliness and efficiency, and minimize fuel costs in low to medium pressure boilers. This award winning technology is unparalleled as an on-line cleaner of silica, and iron silicate boiler deposits, and has won multiple energy conservation awards, named the most effective silica dispersant available for high temperature applications. It is also highly effective at dispersing silicate compounds and preventing calcium hardness deposition. Not only do boiler treatment blends using DReeM Polymer maximize efficiency on boilers with well-maintained pretreatment equipment, they also provide outstanding heat transfer surface cleanliness for systems with occasional pretreatment system upsets, as well as on-line cleaning of systems which are recovering from hardness upsets. DReeM Polymer has the effectiveness of EDTA chelants without the corrosion concerns and meets the requirements of 21 CFR 173.310, so it can be blended into formulas intended for use in food plants.

Key Benefits: 

  • Enhanced prevention and rapid removal of scale
  • FDA compliant for a variety of industries
  • Online cleaning during normal system operation
  • Energy savings and CO2 reduction
  • Fuel cost reduction from improved boiler efficiency
  • User-friendly and easy handling

Patented Chemistry for Control and Removal of Biofilm from RO Membranes

Kurita's Kuriverter IK-110 is a unique chemistry developed to maximize operational efficiency and normalized flow through reverse osmosis membrane systems. This proprietary biological control agent specifically targets biofilm, encouraging it to release from surfaces into the bulk water, where it can be flushed from the system. Kuriverter IK-110 applications have been proven to decrease pressure drop across filters, increase normalized flow back to near new condition on the RO, stabilize salt rejection, and reduce operation and energy costs.

Key Benefits:

  • Lowered differential pressure across the membrane
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Extended CIP cleaning frequency
  • Restored and maintained permeate flow
  • Reduced total cost of operation

Patented SolidPro Chemistry for Boiler and Cooling Water Treatment

Ultra Series Crystal Technology is the latest addition to the U.S. Water SolidPro product line. These unique products are spray dried versions of standard boiler and cooling treatments, which are shipped dry in 20 to 30-pound containers. The crystals are reconstituted at the customer site using proprietary make-down equipment. The resulting dilution is fed from a standard EZ Feed style tank like any liquid chemical. While recommended solution strength is usually similar to that in standard liquid products, there is an acceptable range of dilution strengths which can be used, if more concentrated or dilute product makes control easier, providing true customization to customer needs. The Ultra Series Crystal Technology works in all markets. It fits with the current SolidPro product line, and extends the size of the customer system which can be treated with solid chemistry. This product line is ideal for companies which value safe chemical handling, reduced warehouse size,  and reduction of empty drum handling, or if they have difficult to reach chemical feed locations (ie: roof tops).

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced environmental hazards, chemical handling, shipping costs and chemical inventory costs
  • Increased employee safety, shelf life and chemical stability, ability to feed in hard to access locations and custom blend on-site
  • Eliminated drum disposal, chemical waste, handling of heavy drums and cleaning and rinsing liquid transfer pumps

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