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Whether it’s a time sensitive project, a challenging delivery, or simply a desire to have easy equipment installation, let U.S. Water handle the responsibility of designing and packaging a complete water treatment packaged solution. U.S. Water considers our customer’s environmental and seismic design requirements, then assembles the complete system in house, eliminating the potential for scope-gap errors. For simplified system control, our packaged equipment solutions can feature an integrated control system for 24 hour remote monitoring and accessibility via U.S. Water Reports™.

U.S. Water’s DTS complete water treatment plant is ideal for low to medium flow rate projects. Completely customizable from overall layout to external finishes, this complete system can be designed with a variety of process treatment equipment, chemical feed systems, piping and valves. The building and HVAC system can also be designed to accommodate any climate and local seismic and building codes. The factory-built system is then delivered directly to the project site, connection-ready.

Our UTS system utilizes a three stage process of flocculation, settling and filtration for any high solids removal application including water reuse and wastewater recycling. This complete physical and chemical treatment process also includes our Simul-Wash™ backwash system, a green technology. Its compact design requires a minimal amount of floor space and can be constructed out of steel, aluminum or concrete.

U.S. Water’s Water-in-a-Box is an ideal solution for customer’s seeking quick, reliable, hassle-free installation of water treatment equipment for a variety of applications including filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, deionization and more. These customizable water treatment systems are completely containerized and shop fabricated with all major components and equipment, then delivered, positioned and installed outdoors on a concrete foundation. Simply connect water, power and drain lines and start treating water.

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