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A Non-Phosphorus Corrosion Inhibitor for Cooling Towers

The PhosZero family of cooling water treatment products are designed to provide scale and corrosion control results similar to “traditional” phosphorus containing chemistries, but without the discharge or aquatic toxicity concerns of older technologies.

U.S. Water’s latest generation of PhosZero contains E-FeX™ technology, a synergistic blend of ingredients that replaces the most common use of phosphorus in cooling water applications. Corrosion control is promoted by the formation of an adherent iron oxide passivation layer on carbon steel surfaces so thin that it does not reduce heat transfer efficiency.

The PhosZero Program Advantage

PhosZero provides steel corrosion protection equivalent to or better than traditional stabilized phosphate treatments, ensuring high heat transfer and maximum equipment efficiency. Minimizing system corrosion reduces customer maintenance costs and extends equipment life.

PhosZero’s favorable aquatic toxicity profile will reduce your plant's environmental footprint, and improve results during Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) testing.

PhosZero products do not contain any phosphorus, zinc, molybdate, chromate or borate. Not only does this alternative chemistry help with customer discharge permits, but it is designed to meet the needs of animal feed regulations as required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). In addition, the use of PhosZero can eliminate costs associated with phosphorus removal from the waste stream.

PhosZero reduces the need for acid use and storage on-site, which can help with hazardous material reporting, insurance costs, and handling mistakes.

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