System Retrofit

System Retrofit Intro System Retrofit Intro
As facility demand increases, regulations change and treatment equipment begins to age, system efficiency and water quality may begin to decline. Completely replacing aging systems can be expensive and lead to unnecessary downtime. Whether the existing system was manufactured by U.S. Water or another provider, U.S. Water’s team of experienced representatives can extend the life of the entire system through a variety of cost-effective retrofit and refurbishment options to keep systems operating as designed.

Retrofit Solutions Include:

  • Boiler & cooling water, pre-treatment, process and wastewater equipment
  • Chemical feed
  • Controls & automation
  • Internals
  • Pumping systems
  • Special requests

U.S. Water has a streamlined approach to upgrade control and automation systems in both standard and custom water treatment systems to increase the lifespan and safety of legacy equipment. Our control solutions feature the newest technology available that can be interfaced with existing Distributed Control Systems (DCS) or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Implementation of an upgrade system requires minimal downtime, allowing facilities to get back into full operation quickly.

A critical part of the treatment vessel refurbishment process is the replacement of internal distributors/collectors. Proper design of the internals and the internal support systems is vital to ensure the equipment will performance as designed, and media channeling will be avoided. We work closely with engineers, contractors and our customers to determine the operational requirements to integrate a custom internal design into any type of treatment vessel.

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