Automated Chemistry Program Saves Hospital Over 3 Million of Gallons of Water Per Year

California's PIH Health Hospital – Downey was considering a new solution for its cooling towers and chillers to improve current operations. U.S. Water was asked to review the system and provide suggestions. After meeting with the facility's team, U.S. Water representatives conducted a full audit of the facility, which included a complete water analysis.

During the audit U.S. Water discovered water and energy savings potential. By improving the water treatment program, the cooling towers could save significant amounts of water by increasing the cycles of concentration. This improved program would also increase the efficiency of heat transfer surfaces, enabling the system to achieve optimal water temperatures.

California is in its fourth year of drought and the water quality is continually changing. To successfully reach higher cycles of concentration, a system to automate pH levels was needed. U.S. Water recommended a fully automated web-based control system to safely trim pH and increase the system's cycles of concentration.

The Metropolitan Water District's Water Savings Incentive Program provides financial incentives, in the form of rebates, for customized water efficiency programs throughout southern California. Due to the efficiency U.S. Water's automation program provided to PIH Health, they were able to receive partial funding for the program once the water savings were confirmed.

Once implemented, the automation solution showed immediate results. Both the tower and chiller operations have improved. The system is able to effectively support optimal condenser water temperatures (between 70-80 degrees) and the chillers are maintaining 43 degree temperatures. The towers are also running at five cycles of concentration.

The web-based automation management program enables PIH Health and U.S. Water representatives to continuously monitor the program and trend and graph key performance indicators. With U.S. Water's solution, PIH Health is saving over three million gallons of water a year, a $12,000 annual savings. In addition to increased efficiency, the automation program has preserved temperature and humidity compliance in the operating rooms.

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