Cooling Tower Toads Significantly Reduce Corrosion During Layup

Every year the cooling system for an industrial plant providing comfort cooling was shutdown and drained for the winter months. Historically, during this shutdown period the cooling water piping and equipment would experience severe corrosion. During start-up of the cooling system the next spring, iron flakes would peel off the piping plugging strainers and heat transfer equipment. This would interfere with the efficiency of the production process and cause an increase in maintenance.

U.S. Water recommended Cooling Tower Toads to solve this difficult problem. Cooling Tower Toads would provide a Vapor based Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) that provides a protective layer of film over all the metal components in the cooling tower preventing oxygen and water from forming corrosion cells on the surface of the metal. In addition, the VCI coating recessed into inaccessible areas such as the vapor spaces of piping providing protection to these hard to reach areas. With the ability of the VCI to replenish coatings that are disturbed or depleted, the protection would last for the entire lay-up season and beyond.

One box of 2.2 pound bags of U.S. Water’s Cooling Tower Toad were added to the tower basin for every 1,000 gallons of water. The cooling tower basins were drained to the lowest possible operating level to reduce the amount of water that needed to be treated. A non-ionic biocide was added to sterilize the system as a routine maintenance practice prior to shutdown.

The Cooling Tower Toads were removed from their outer bags and directly added to the tower basin. The inner poly-alcohol bag dissolved in approximately 5 minutes. The system was recirculated for 8 hours and then drained.

Inspection of the cooling system piping and heat transfer equipment showed a very noticeable improvement in the inhibition of rusting and corrosion thus reducing maintenance and increasing efficiency.

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