Ethanol Final Filter: Proven to Enhance Final Ethanol Quality

U.S. Water's industry leading Ethanol Final Filter is proven to enhance final product quality by removing both existent and potential sulfate. In addition to sulfate removal, the Ethanol Final Filter simultaneously addresses issues of color, turbidity, acidity, pHe, chloride and iron. This unique, cost-conscious solution can be used as a mobile unit to bring off-spec ethanol back in alignment with fuel standards, or as a permanent installation.

Sulfate can come from many sources during the production of ethanol which result in the existence of sulfate in the final product (existent sulfate). During storage or shipment, sulfate can manifest through oxidation creating what is commonly referred to as potential sulfate. The materialization of potential sulfate can cause a product, which initially met sulfate levels, to exceed the maximum level of 4ppm.

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