GHS Compliance Update

GHS ImageLast year we introduced you to the Global Harmonization System (GHS), an international approach to standardized hazard communication through a single set of hazard ratings, product labels, and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). In June 2015, U.S. Water adopted this new standardized classification and labeling system. Throughout the last year, U.S. Water customers have received new GHS labeled products and SDSs distributed to their sites, for U.S. Water manufactured products and reagent products purchased in the last 12 months. These mailings included an electronic SDS opt-in form allowing customers the option to receive SDS updates electronically in the future.

In previous communications, we noted that product at customer sites with old labels would remain compliant until June 1, 2016. OSHA has since revised this regulation date. After June 1, 2016, if you have product containing old labels, you are still complaint if the labeling is legible and the pertinent information (such as hazards and directions for use) is not defaced or removed in any way. We expect that most customers have depleted their product inventory containing non-GHS labels, and have since received GHS labeled product and SDSs over the past year. If the labeling on your product needs to be replaced, please contact your U.S. Water Representative or U.S. Water Customer Service at (800) 663-7632. It is important that facility managers ensure all employees understand how to read both HCS 1994 and HCS 2012 compliant labels.

As a reminder, SDSs can be requested via:
• Email:
• Online:
• Phone: U.S. Water's Customer Service (1-866-663-7632)
• Contacting your U.S. Water Representative

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