Introducing U.S. Water Energy Services

U.S. Water Services, Inc is pleased to announce the launch of  a new division, U.S. Water Energy Services, to focus on the Upstream Oil & Gas Sector with down hole treatment for scale and corrosion, water reuse and remediation. The intent of this new division is to improve well production and minimize, or eliminate, environmental impact. The natural gas production industry continues to expand their operation in the face of difficult water and environmental issues.  U.S. Water Energy Services can assist this market by leveraging many of our proprietary and innovative technologies and applying them in creative ways within the natural gas industry.

In many cases, the water and environmental issues in shale gas production create huge barriers to the successful use and extraction of these critical and valuable resources.  Foreign oil from hostile countries continues to plague American safety and economics. U.S. Water Energy Services believes that home grown oil and gas that can be removed in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner, and is a big part of the solution to our U.S. Energy needs.

As we have done in other industries, where water had become a major stumbling block to industry advancement, U.S. Water Energy Services can lead significant water reduction and reuse in natural gas production as well. U.S. Water, its subsidiary Wellons Water and its valued partner, Resource Methods, has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, down hole treatments, water reuse and water remediation.  With the formation of this group, U.S. Water Energy Services will take the lead providing a total water management approach that focuses on water reuse, treatment and green extraction of oil and gas.

In a recent Time article Could Shale Gas Power the World, author Bryan Walsh states:

“Until recently, natural gas was the forgotten stepsister of fuels. It provides about a quarter of US electricity and heats over 60 million American homes, but it's always been limited – more expensive than dirty coal, dirtier than nuclear or renewables…Natural gas is up now – way up – and it's changing how we think about energy throughout the world. If its boosters are to be believed, gas will change geopolitics, trimming the power of states in the troubled Middle East by reducing the demand for their oil; save the lives of thousands of people who would otherwise die from mining coal or breathing its filthy residue; and make it a little easier to handle the challenges of climate change – all thanks to vast new onshore deposits of what is called shale gas.

“Companies have been able to tap enormous quantities of gas from shale, leading to rock-bottom prices for natural gas even as oil soars. In a single year, the usually sober U.S. Energy Information Administration more than doubled its estimates of recoverable domestic shale-gas resources to 827 trillion cu.ft. (23 trillion cu m), more than 34 times the amount of gas the U.S. uses in a year. Together with supplies from conventional gas sources, the U.S. may now have enough gas to last a century at current consumption rates.”

“With shale formations capable of sustaining the U.S. for more than the next 100 years, it was critical that U.S. Water contribute our expertise to aid in the successful use of our homeland natural resources; which is why we developed U.S. Water Energy Services.” says Allan Bly,  CEO of U.S. Water Services, Inc.

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