Introducing U.S. Water’s New ScaleGone & ScaleGone CI for the Oil and Gas Industry

U.S. Water's new ScaleGone™ and ScaleGone™ CI, slow release products provide long-lasting scale and corrosion protection for hydraulic fracturing fluids and producing wells. Our ScaleGone products can prevent deposition in the wellbore area and the tubing, just as powerfully as they do at the formation face, to prevent scale and costly production problems for up to several years (depending on loading).

ScaleGone solid scale inhibitor particles can be introduced during stimulation treatment to ensure distribution throughout the well fracture, and is safe to use with other stimulation products as it slowly releases into well produced fluids. ScaleGone can also be introduced into already producing wells.

New ScaleGone and ScaleGone CI have extended U.S. Water's ability to deliver integrated solutions to resolve the root cause of operator's problems. U.S. Water's family of ScaleGone products can provide Flow Assurance and Asset Integrity throughout the life of a well, with no need for truck treating liquid products or tanks and pumps for continuous feeding of liquid chemicals. ScaleGone helps ensure maximum well production by preventing scale deposits which reduce flow, as well as the ability to provide extended well integrity with corrosion protection, utilizing the newest technology ScaleGone CI.


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