Leaving the World a Better Place with Better Water

April 22 marks the annual worldwide Earth Day celebration. For many individuals, it's a day of action to practice environmental habits or even provoke policy changes. At U.S. Water, Earth Day gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our daily support for environmental protection through responsible water use and sustainable integrated solutions.

Water plays an invaluable role in our daily lives for life, food and energy production. U.S. Water works closely with our customers to protect this valuable natural resource through innovative water and process management. In celebration of Earth Day, we would like to share some of our most notable earth friendly successes:

  • Sustainable Water Treatment. In 2015, U.S. Water launched PhosZero™ a unique to the market, sustainable chemistry for cooling water treatment. Since launch, we have helped many of our customers protect their systems from corrosion, while reducing harmful phosphorus discharge to the environment. We were even named a finalist in the R&D 100 Awards.
  • Responsible Water Use. Freshwater is becoming an increasingly precious commodity. U.S. Water prides itself in our ability to design systems that meet our customers' unique needs while conserving freshwater resources. Whether our customer's goal is to reduce water use, eliminate liquid discharge, or seek alternative solutions, we can work together to design an integrated and responsible water treatment program.
  • Energy Conservation. Our EnergyOUT™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems enhance plant sustainability by reducing fuel demand, carbon emissions, chemical use and water discharge. Designed to optimize chemical feed, minimize water use and reduce discharge, our automation packages provide real time data and trending analysis to help our customers' achieve their facility's sustainability goals.

Although we are taking the time to celebrate today, we know our work isn't done. Industry's needs and technologies are changing daily, and at U.S. Water we encourage our employees to use imagination and innovation to improve our water and energy environment. Focusing on the Future of Water, we have a passion for developing and delivering unconventional solutions that leave the world a better place, with better water.

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