U.S. Water Announces COR™, Corn Oil Extraction Product Line

Corn Oil Recovery (COR™) is an enhancement additive designed to increase the removal of corn oil from mechanical separation systems at dry-mill ethanol plants from U.S. Water’s Ethanol Process Technologies (EPT) team.  The product will benefit all ethanol facilities that have existing corn oil separation equipment, or are contemplating corn oil separation equipment in the near future.  We have out-performed all other corn oil extraction additives in head-to-head trials to date.

The COR package is designed to provide the customer with the confidence that oil recovery will be optimized and enhanced with a complete process approach. Oil removal enhancement without any adverse product or process affects tailored to the specific equipment and conditions of each facility. The Ethanol Process Technologies team has developed a suite of products that have been bench tested and trialed to address the needs of the ethanol industry. The products are GRAS (generally recognized as safe under sections 201(s) and 409 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act) approved.  Perhaps you have already seen or heard of U.S. Water’s COR additive success. U.S. Water provides the pump skids and initial additive to try the product.

U.S. Water has developed a consistently reproducible, field test procedure that has been effective across the country with multiple team members at multiple facilities. Depending on the effectiveness or struggles you may be having with stand-alone mechanical separation, COR can result in 25 to 100% more oil recovered, potentially at milder process conditions, if desired. Use of the additive has also resulted in longer operation between cleaning as well as softer deposits that are easier to remove.

Better Results Direct To Your Bottom Line
An ethanol facility was producing corn oil without the benefit of an additive. Production was approximately 0.22 lbs/bushel of corn oil and with visible solids and a cloudy color.  After COR  was optimized for their system, production increased to 0.48 lbs/bu and the solids and cloudy appearance were dramatically reduced.  Since then, the plant's income from the corn oil has doubled.

Lower Dosage Rates Yield More Corn Oil Extraction
A facility was producing 0.5 lbs/bushel oil extraction without an additive. They were skeptical at the economic payoff of an additive when they were already doing so well without one. Other additive providers were also reluctant to trial due to the success of the plant prior to implementing the additive as well. U.S. Water introduced COR and after the optimized addition of the additive, corn oil extraction was increased to 0.65 lbs/Bu, with a notable reduction in solids. Even in this case of modest removal, the performance compared to cost of the additive resulted in significantly increased profits for the plant.

Twice the Yield, Half the Cost
A facility was producing corn oil at a satisfactory rate of approximately 0.4 lbs/bushel while using a non U.S. Water additive. The facility granted U.S. Water a no obligation trial resulting in increased oil removal at nearly half the additive dosage. Quality of the oil recovered was similar. These type of results have been duplicated using the COR product with similar results at over 20 facilities.

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Pictured: Trial of other corn oil extraction products in the ethanol market compared to U.S. Water COR corn oil extraction product demonstrating increased results.

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