U.S. Water Presents at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop

U.S. Water Services, Inc., the leading national provider of integrated solutions for water treatment, gave three educational presentations and continued the roll out of their Ethanol Final Filter at last month's Fuel Ethanol Workshop (FEW) in Minneapolis, MN.

FEW photo Monty McCoy giving presentation June 2015 , MinneapolisAs part of FEW's Conference Track Presentations, U.S. Water presented on two hot topics in the ethanol industry – the Food Safety Modernization Act and Efficient Energy Producer Process. In addition, U.S. Water presented on “Removing Sulfate from the Fuel Ethanol Process” as part of the Innovation Stage in the Expo Hall at FEW.

U.S. Water's Director of Technology Monty McCoy explained, “Sulfate impacts to manufacturing plants can cost over $1 million per event if a unit train is rejected. The Ethanol Final Filter improves the quality of ethanol to the 200 proof level, avoiding rejections, blending delays, per-gallon penalties and plant slowdowns.”

The Ethanol Final Filter is a bolt-on, mechanical/chemical system, unique to the ethanol industry, improving final fuel quality through the removal of both existent and potential sulfate. In addition to sulfate removal, the Ethanol Final Filter  addresses issues of color, turbidity, acidity, pH, chloride and iron. Customers can obtain an Ethanol Final Filter through a simple lease with no chemical or service charges and no waste fees.

More information on these presentations can be found at www.uswaterservices.com.

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