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U.S. Water Receives California Game Changer Company of the Year Award - Nov 25, 2014

U.S. Water Services, Inc., the leading national provider of integrated solutions for water treatment, has received  the  California Game Changer Company of... read more

U.S. Water Launches New Non-Sorbitol Corn Oil Recovery Product Line for Biofuels - Nov 16, 2014

U.S. Water, a leading provider of integrated water and process solutions for industry, launched the first in what will be a series of products developed for... read more

Upcoming Customer Seminars

Upcoming Customer Seminars

U.S. Water offers seminars designed to help you get home safely, get more with less, and gain peace of mind with system reliability. Learn more about the seminars and webinars in your area.

Leave the World a Better Place with Better Water.

Leave the World a Better Place with Better Water.

Reduce water, energy and chemical use, increase efficiency, reliability and overall plant profitability with U.S. Water's sustainable programs. Learn more.

First Time Visitors

First Time Visitors

If this is your first time visiting U.S. Water's website - welcome! In an effort to help address some questions you may have - we've made it easy for you. Just click here to learn more about who we are, our business philosophy and what we can provide to help you achieve your goals.

Case Studies

  • Comprehensive Cooling System Protection

    Comprehensive Cooling System Protection

    Shortly after the mechanical start-up at a large corporate data center, significant bacteria growth was discovered in the thermal storage tank. Some of the flow sensors were fouled, and biofilm had the potential of impeding heat transfer, which would raise energy costs. U.S. Water Services was asked to assess the problem and find a solution.

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  • Cooling Tower Toad Significantly Reduces Corrosion During LayUp

    Cooling Tower Toad Significantly Reduces Corrosion During LayUp

    Every year the cooling system for an industrial plant providing comfort cooling was shut down and frained for the winter months. Historically, during this shut down period the cooling water piping and equipment would experience severe corrosion. During start-up of the cooling system the next spring, iron flakes would peel off the piping plugging strainers and heat transfer equipment. This would interfere with the efficiency of the production process and cause an increase in maintenance.

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  • Overcoming Obstacles at Big River Resources

    Overcoming Obstacles at Big River Resources

    For Big River Resources (BRR) the decision to build an ethanol plant in Galva, IL created some unique challenges. Stringent environmental requirements, combined with permit issues made building a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facility the only viable option.

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Featured Products

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  • Ethanol Final Filter
    Ethanol Final Filter

    U.S. Water’s Ethanol Final Filter is an innovative
    solution for the ethanol industry designed to improve final fuel quality.The Ethanol Final Filter can be used as a mobile unit to assist with off spec ethanol situations, or as a permanent solution.

  • RidION Water Softening Equipment
    RidION Water Softening Equipment

    U.S. Water’s RidION water softeners are designed to handle water conditioning needs by removing the hardness ion via the ion exchange process. All RidION water softeners are built by U.S. Water’s professional technicians allowing for quick turnaround time and the ability for customization for specialty systems.

  • Corrosion Coupons
    Corrosion Coupons

    Monitor your system for corrosion with U.S. Water's corrosion coupons (coupon racks sold separately). Corrosion Coupons come pre-weighted with supplemental analysis and exposure report. Available in aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, mild steel, naval brass, stainless steel and zinc.