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U.S. Water Receives California Game Changer Company of the Year Award - Nov 25, 2014

U.S. Water Services, Inc., the leading national provider of integrated solutions for water treatment, has received  the  California Game Changer Company of... read more

U.S. Water Launches New Non-Sorbitol Corn Oil Recovery Product Line for Biofuels - Nov 16, 2014

U.S. Water, a leading provider of integrated water and process solutions for industry, launched the first in what will be a series of products developed for... read more

Upcoming Customer Seminars

Upcoming Customer Seminars

U.S. Water offers seminars designed to help you get home safely, get more with less, and gain peace of mind with system reliability. Learn more about the seminars and webinars in your area.

Leave the World a Better Place with Better Water.

Leave the World a Better Place with Better Water.

Reduce water, energy and chemical use, increase efficiency, reliability and overall plant profitability with U.S. Water's sustainable programs. Learn more.

First Time Visitors

First Time Visitors

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Case Studies

  • Water in a Box: U.S. Water Designs and Manufacturers a Self-Contained Water Treatment System

    Water in a Box: U.S. Water Designs and Manufacturers a Self-Contained Water Treatment System

    A methanol manufacturing facility in the Texas Panhandle needed a water treatment plant designed, manufactured, and installed during the construction phase of their operation. The equipment needed to satisfy rigorous water criteria, be modular for plug and play installation, meet Class I Div. II Explosion Proof requirements, and fit into two, customized 53-foot shipping containers.

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  • U.S. Water RO Membrane Cleaning Station Exceeds Expectations

    U.S. Water RO Membrane Cleaning Station Exceeds Expectations

    When an ethanol plant in Texas, serviced by U.S. Water, started experiencing problems with their reverse osmosis (RO) system, conventional, on-site methods of cleaning failed and the reason soon became clear. When the city changed the flow of the water to accommodate the ethanol plant, it stirred up red clay that had settled in the distribution piping. The fine clay silt found its way to the ethanol plant RO system, fouling the membranes.

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  • Overcoming Obstacles at Big River Resources

    Overcoming Obstacles at Big River Resources

    For Big River Resources (BRR) the decision to build an ethanol plant in Galva, IL created some unique challenges. Stringent environmental requirements, combined with permit issues made building a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facility the only viable option.

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Featured Products

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  • Ethanol Final Filter
    Ethanol Final Filter

    U.S. Water’s Ethanol Final Filter is an innovative
    solution for the ethanol industry designed to improve final fuel quality.The Ethanol Final Filter can be used as a mobile unit to assist with off spec ethanol situations, or as a permanent solution.

  • e-Controllers

    U.S. Water’s Engineering and Equipment team’s e-Controller utilizes technology and the internet to deliver real-time control of your water treatment
    systems. The e-controller gives you the ability to control and monitor cooling towers, boilers and process water systems.

  • Cooling Tower Filtration
    Cooling Tower Filtration

    Pressure to improve efficiency and lower operating costs are driving plants to discover the benefits cooling tower filtration systems can have on their bottom line. U.S. Water’s Engineering & Equipment team provides cooling tower filtration solutions that reduce fouling through debris removal,lessen biological growth, and decrease cleaning and maintenance costs.