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Trends in Industrial Wastewater Treatment - Aug 20, 2014

U.S. Water’s Technical Manager, Gary Engstrom provided insight into wastewater trends for Flow Control Magazine. The article, written by Matt Migliore,... read more

U.S. Water Adds Shawn Easterly to Provide Operational Efficiency Services to Energy Centers - Aug 12, 2014

St. Michael, MN (July 14, 2014) – U.S. Water Services, Inc., a leading provider of integrated water and process solutions for the biofuels industry, is... read more

Upcoming Customer Seminars

Upcoming Customer Seminars

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Leave the World a Better Place with Better Water.

Leave the World a Better Place with Better Water.

Reduce water, energy and chemical use, increase efficiency, reliability and overall plant profitability with U.S. Water's sustainable programs. Learn more.

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First Time Visitors

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Case Studies

  • Integrated Water Treatment

    Integrated Water Treatment

    One of the most overlooked, yet costly issues facing many plants today is the presence of an ineffective water treatment system. This can often become a financial burden. A midwestern food processing company was experiencing problems with their water system. Facing continued expenditures, the company decided to have U.S. Water design an integrated water treatment solution for their old system.

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  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Autopsy: What They Are & How They Can Help

    Reverse Osmosis (RO) Autopsy: What They Are & How They Can Help

    The term sounds grim, but it's a good description of the analysis that can be performed on a fouled RO membrane. A membrane autopsy can be the key to determining how to prevent fouling of new membranes, and to maximize the efficiency of this key piece of water treatment equipment. U.S. Water Services performs this analysis in our analytical laboratory in Cambridge, Minnesota, and then issues a comprehensive seven page report of the results. The test is destructive, and the membrane element is not returned.

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  • First Dry Grind Zero Liquid Discharge Facility in U.S.

    First Dry Grind Zero Liquid Discharge Facility in U.S.

    In the spring of 2006, Pacific Ethanol, Incorporated started their dry grind ethanol plant in Madera, California. One of the most unique features of this start-up was that it was the first ethanol plant in the country to be designed and operated with no liquid discharge to the environment. The process that allows for this environmentally friendly system was developed by U.S. Water.

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Featured Products

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  • Boiler Inspections
    Boiler Inspections

    Boiler inspections are one of the most important aspects of any boiler water treatment service program and should be performed whenever possible- and especially before winter start up.

  • EZ Feed Chemical Storage Tanks
    EZ Feed Chemical Storage Tanks

    U.S. Water’s EZ Feed and Drumless Delivery Hands Free Chemical Storage System is an operator friendly solution designed to greatly reduce the hazards and liability associated with chemical programs. The innovative tank within a tank design virtually eliminates the possibility of chemical spills.

  • RidION Water Softening Equipment
    RidION Water Softening Equipment

    U.S. Water’s RidION water softeners are designed to handle water conditioning needs by removing the hardness ion via the ion exchange process. All RidION water softeners are built by U.S. Water’s professional technicians allowing for quick turnaround time and the ability for customization for specialty systems.