Integrated Solutions for Power & Utility Plants

U.S. Water is dedicated to serving the specific needs of the Power & Utility industry. We realize that reliability, efficiency, safety and environmental stewardship drive the industry and no other water treatment company has the combined capabilities to address these needs. U.S. Water begins with engineering, and approaches every water treatment challenge through the lens of each customer's regulatory, business and operational environment.  


When it comes to reliability in the power industry, we understand that it is reflected directly in your bottom line, and U.S. Water's offerings for the power industry are tailored to help you maximize the reliability - and ultimately the bottom line - of your plant. Integrating equipment into your operation seamlessly increases the reliability and efficiency of your plant. Our in-house engineering and equipment division can help you by designing robust water treatment equipment, automated chemical feed systems and sampling systems for your plant so you can rapidly and reliably respond to the needs of your customers. Whether it's a stand alone system, or a system that you want integrated into your distributed control system, no job is too big or too small and rather than offering a cookie cutter approach, each U.S. Water solution is customized to fit your needs. 

Our chemical programs are also designed to protect your equipment so that it is ready for service. High pressure boiler/HRSG cycle chemistries comply with all EPRI guidelines with special attention to off-line layup to minimize damage that can occur to cycling plants. In addition, our understanding of pretreatment equipment enables us to carefully design a chemical program to maximize the reliability of your equipment so that it is ready for service at a moment's notice. 

U.S. Water also understands that there are opportunities for continuous improvement while equipment is idle. Our Outage Services and Membrane Management services are designed to take advantage of these opportunities so that your equipment will be ready for efficient, safe service when called upon. 


Today's power plants must maximize their heat rate as well as their personnel and water use, so "plant efficiency" means more than it used to in today's competitive power environment. A complete analysis of your water systems including make-up, boiler, cooling, environmental, and wastewater is required. No one can seamlessly integrate equipment and chemistry like U.S. Water. We're a company that understands the chemical and mechanical sides of water treatment, and more importantly, how changes in one can affect the other. We're an equipment company that understands the system chemistries, a chemical company who understands equipment design, and an engineering company who can put it all together for a unique solution that meets the needs of your plant. The careful design of your chemical program helps you to maximize your plant fuel efficiency, water use as well as protect your equipment. In addition, our web-based information management program, U.S. Water ReportsTM, seamlessly incorporates real time analyzer input with operator chemical analysis to help you staff make the best decisions. While capturing essential system information and offering extensive analysis tools, U.S. Water ReportsTM also includes a customized Integrated Solutions Manual that offers step-by-step procedures to help your people bring out of compliance events back into the acceptable control ranges. 


Reliable, efficient equipment contributes to a safe work environment by reducing the possibility for equipment failure and non-standard operations. In addition, U.S. Water offers extensive operator training so that your staff is well versed in the safe operation of your water systems. We also work with you to minimize employee exposure to risks through our safety audits and drumless delivery programs.  

Environmental Stewardship

The challenges continue to mount for the power industry as regulations tighten on water discharge and air emissions. In addition, overall water use restrictions has forced the industry to think about water re-use, tertiary water sources, and zero liquid discharge scenarios that push the chemistry father than we ever thought. Whether it's phosphate free cooling chemistries, flue gas scrubbing, metals removal, or water use minimization, no company has the depth of capabilities like U.S. Water, who can bring you a complete engineered solution that addresses your environmental challenges. 

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