U.S. Water Products

U.S. Water has a variety of products to help you achieve your facility goals. Below is just some samples of what we can offer. If you don't see what you're looking for - contact us - we'd be happy to help you with your industrial water management needs.

Chemical Solutions

U.S. Water has solutions for HVAC, boiler, cooling, and wastewater applications. We pride ourselves on offering a dynamic product line for various industries including Commercial Facilities, Educational Facilities, Ethanol, Oil & Gas, Food and Beverage, and Power among others. For specific needs, we also have the capability of blending specialty chemicals in one of our production facilities.  

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Chemical Feed Equipment

U.S. Water offers chemical feed systems to meet your control specification - minimizing operating costs and reducing chemical cost caused by overfeeding. Our chemical feed programs include chemical feed skids, SolidPro™Solid Chemical Program, ChlorOpt™ Secondary Disinfection Feed Systems and our C Series Ozone Generator for providing on-site ozone generation. 


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Equipment Solutions

U.S. Water has the capabilities to provide water treatment equipment from spare parts up to custom made capital equipment. We specialize in the development of pretreatment systems, chemical feed systems, custom platform controls and automation. We can provide both standard line and completely customized options for capital equipment including reverse osmosis (RO) systems, industrial water softening systems, and industrial media filtration systems. 

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Filtration, Media, & Membranes

A growing concern is the increasing demand for water and the amount industries use in cooling applications. By removing the solids in the water that cause fouling, cooling tower filtration reduces the amount of energy and water consumption of the cooling system resulting in a decrease in operation costs. We offer sand media filters, cartridge and bag filters and the USX centrifugal filter to help protect your system from scale and fouling caused by suspended solids. In addition, U.S. Water offers a wide line of membranes, and media including anion, cation and mixed bed resins, activated carbon, filter sand, anthracite, gravel, birm, greensand plus and garnet filter medias.

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Instruments & Control Solutions

Quality instruments and controls are the lifeblood of any water treatment system. Reliably monitoring and controlling each piece of equipment chemical feed skids is essential to ensure your water treatment system is operating to its maximum potential and efficiency - providing you a higher ROI. We offer custom panel building as well as instrument and control equipment including corrosion coupon racks, flow meters, turbidimeters, sensors, switches and controllers.

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Analytical/Laboratory Supplies & Safety Equipment

In addition to testing and SDS support, our Analytical Laboratory offers many products for purchase including safety equipment such as glasses, vests, masks and ventilators; laboratory equipment and supplies including beakers, casseroles, test tubes and burettes; reagents, test kits, and much more. Contact us for inquiries or to request a catalog of the products available. 

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U.S. Water Tools App

Our app is just one of many ways in which we strive to change water management for the better. This app gives our users pertinent information and calculators at their fingertips so they can properly take care of their water systems. 

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