Chemical Feed Equipment

As an integrated water management company, we understand how a reliably engineered chemical feed system is essential to properly execute an effective water management program. We design our custom chemical feed systems to meet your control specification which minimizes operating costs and reduces chemical costs caused by overfeeding. Precise delivery saves our customers money by consistently providing tight control on feed rates. 

Our Chemical Feed Programs include the following solutions:

Chemical Feed Skids

Skid mounting equipment has become end user's preferred way to install and operate water treatment equipment. Skid mounting designs allow for equipment to be easily and securely transported; and the plug and play convenience gives users the ability to quickly apply dosing technology immediately upon install. Our chemical feed systems are designed with the most reliable and durable components on the market, including chemical storage tanks, pumps, mixers, timers, alarms, controllers, injection nozzles and gauges - customized into a single skid mounted unit, based on your water system needs. 

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SolidPro Solid Chemical Programs

The SolidPro™ solid chemical program delivers a solution for customers who do not want to handle chemical drums or chemicals, do not have the space to install drums or mini bulk systems and have remote locations where it is difficult to implement a traditional water treatment program. U.S. Water's SolidPro™ program is designed to provide an integrated solution that is cost-effective, energy efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

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ChlorOpt Secondary Disinfection

U.S. Water's ChlorOpt™solutions utilize mechanical and chemical innovations to deliver an effective and efficient alternative to traditional biocides. The small small molecular size of ClO2 seeks out organisms and allows it to penetrate deeper into the bio-film than any other biocides. U.S. Water's ChlorOpt™ programs offers a variety of methods for implementation.  

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C Series Ozone Generation

The use of ozone as an optional biocide in small cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and process applications where low to moderate traditional biocides such as bleach and bromine, have been used. Facilities seeking sustainable options are using ozone to reduce chemical discharge, reduce on-site chemical handling by workers, and as a direct injection into the water stream to eliminate the storage of containers on-site.


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Chemical Feed Parts & Equipment

In addition to custom chemical feed equipment, we provide a variety of high quality:

  • Brominators
  • Quills
  • Corporation Stops
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Potfeeders
  • Mixers
  • Storage Tanks

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