Cooling Treatment Programs

Efficient operations of your cooling water systems will save you thousands of dollars annually. In addition, a well maintained system is a safe system. Preventing corrosion, deposits and the growth of Legionella bacteria is critical to the well being of your facility personnel and your neighbors. 

Contact us to see how our cooling capabilities can be matched to address your unique cooling challenges at your facility.

At our on-site cooling water research lab, we have developed state of the art treatment programs which, combined with our highly trained service personnel, will optimize your plant operation. Our integrated offerings for cooling water include:

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  • Why Should I Lay-Up My System?

    Why Should I Lay-Up My System?

    Each year we get numerous inquiries that all come back to one central question - why should I lay-up my cooling system? Leaving the chiller full all winter, or waiting until spring to clean your system could be a recipe for disaster. Learn why.

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  • Cooling Tower Toads Significantly Reduce Corrosion During Layup

    Cooling Tower Toads Significantly Reduce Corrosion During Layup

    Every year the cooling system for an industrial plant providing comfort cooling was shut down and drained for the winter months. Historically, during this shut down period the cooling water piping and equipment would experience severe corrosion. During start-up of the cooling system the next spring, iron flakes would peel off the piping plugging strainers and heat transfer equipment. This would interfere with the efficiency of the production process and cause an increase in maintenance.

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