Drumless Delivery Services

U.S. Water's Drumless Delivery Program is designed to greatly reduce the hazards and liability associated with chemical treatment. With drumless delivery, your plant personnel no longer need to handle drums and totes of chemical. Our totes remain on-site. When you're running low, simply call your U.S. Water representative and we'll handle deliveries, transfers and ensure the right chemical is delivered in the right amount the right way.

Our dedicated fleet of ISO 9001 registered delivery personnel are trained to adhere to our ISO standards regarding safety, quality assurance and environmental practices. These standards are subjected to annual audits, meaning your quality assured product will be delivered to the correct location, in the right amount, at the right time, in a safe manner and without risk to your staff. Having our industry leading delivery personnel handle your chemicals allows your staff to focus on what they do best; running your facility.

Our drumless delivery program can:

  • Eliminate Storage and Disposal of Empty Chemical Tanks
  • Reduce Chemical Handling Hazards & Liability
  • Deliver Chemical Direct to Your Tank

Drumless Delivery Options

Truckload Bulk Program

Our Truckload Bulk program is for order sizes of 23,000 lbs to a full truckload. Chemicals are delivered direct from our compartmentalized tanker to your bulk storage tank. Pounds are based per customer site.

Truckload Bulk storage tanks can be located up to 40 feet from an access way with a 2" fill line. 

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Flex Bulk Program

Our Flex Bulk program is for order sizes of 12,000 lbs to 23,000 lbs. Chemicals are delivered direct from our compartmentalized tanker to your bulk storage tank.

Flex Bulk storage tanks need to be located at ground level, and need to have a 2" fill line within 40 feet of truck access. 

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Mini Bulk Program

The Mini Bulk program is for order sizes less than 12,000 lbs. Chemicals will be delivered to your site, and off-loaded into your tanks directly from our compartmentalized delivery tankers by our trained drivers. No chemical containers will be off-loaded at your facility at any time.

Mini Bulk tanks are available in plastic, fiberglass and stainless steel construction to meet the needs of your application. Tanks can be located up to 150 feet from an access way with a 1" fill line, and up to one floor above ground level. 

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Other Hands Free Delivery Options: 

EZ Feed Program

For smaller quantities, the EZ Feed program is also available. Chemical shuttle containers will be brought to your site, where they will be off-loaded into your storage tanks by our trained delivery specialists. The empty shuttle containers will be taken away from your site after your tanks are filled.

We have stainless steel EZ Feed tanks available in sizes from 500 gallons to 550 gallons. The EZ Feed program allows all the benefits of drumless delivery as well as the flexibility to be located throughout your plant site.  

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