Plant Reliability: Updating Outdated Controls & Equipment in Aging Facilities

With the ongoing advancements in controls & automation solutions, most the ancillary equipment in aging facilities are beginning to show signs of age that could potentially contribute to plant shutdown. Too many of the existent controls and automation on ancillary equipment are band-aided together due to discontinued models and/or insufficient tech support knowledge of the existing operating platforms. In most cases, replacement parts are either non-existent – due to discontinued models – or, the cost of replacement is more than a new upgraded controls and automation package.

Identifying and updating equipment with out-of-date controls and automation can help ensure plant operations run uninterrupted. With the variety of options today's technology offers, facilities can establish restoration programs that range from customized control equipment to standardized spare parts. The ability to integrate updated controls and automation into your facility has multiple benefits:

  • User friendly for maintenance and operations
  • Data communication and storage with existing DCS or building management controls systems
  • Customizable and expandable to meet the growing needs for controls and automation
  • Tech support or replacement parts are readily available

Updating PlanAssess, Develop a Plan and Implement
Any pre-treatment ancillary equipment, prior to 2013, should be reviewed for discontinued equipment and obsolete programming, controls and automation. When evaluating your control systems, we recommend the Assess, Develop a Plan, and Implement process. This process allows you to survey your current control and automation platform and learn about the technology options available in today's market. You can then work with your business partners to develop and implement your plan.
Understanding your facility's risk and developing a pro-active replacement plan prior to equipment failure will result in lower operating costs, efficient production through data collection and analysis, and peace of mind for your facility.

Watch our webinar on Updating Outdated Controls in Ethanol Facilities to learn more:

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