U.S. Water’s EnergyOUT™ Reverse Osmosis Technology Significantly Reduces Laundry Facility’s Water & Energy Consumption

Due to Nevada's ongoing drought conditions, Boyd Gaming Corporation – one of the state’s largest casino operators – began exploring ways to cut back on water and energy consumption at its Central Laundry facility in Henderson, Nev., Working with facility management, U.S. Water surveyed the facility and installed a solution that significantly reduced water, energy and sewer expenses. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) system dramatically improved feedwater and condensate quality, and reduced plant salt usage & manpower requirements.

After learning of the facility's desire to achieve water and energy savings, U.S. Water assisted the facility with troubleshooting. This included proper setup and routine maintenance of the softener for the boiler feedwater system. Once the personnel understood the correct operation of the system, U.S. Water introduced the EnergyOUT solution to the facility. Approximately eight weeks later, the system was installed.

U.S. Water's Engineering & Equipment team coordinated with the facility personnel to ensure the proper water tie in points, power requirements, and pre-EnergyOUT data was logged prior to the system delivery. The U.S. Water sales representative worked with the maintenance staff to validate pressures from the softener to ensure the RO would not be starved of water. Once the EnergyOUT was delivered and installed, U.S. Water's regional equipment specialist initiated commissioning procedures. Within an eight hour period, the unit was successfully running and producing water to the design specifications.

On day one, feedwater quality had already improved in the boiler feedwater tank. Boiler water quality standards were fully apparent after 60 days, and natural gas & water savings were visible in the first 60 days. The system is tested daily by facility maintenance staff and serviced by a U.S. Water representative monthly to ensure efficient operation.

After 90 days of operation the facility is saving over 300 gallons of water per hour, translating to 1,204,500 gallons per year. As a result of improved feedwater quality, the boiler is able to achieve higher cycles of concentration (from 5 to 75) and reduce the number of gallons blown down the drain by 840,000 gallons per year. Sewer costs are also expected to go down. Overall efficiency of the boiler operation has also improved, lowering natural gas consumption (reducing monthly utility bills), and lowering CO2 footprint by an estimated 353,418 lb. per year.

On-site operators will continue to test conditions daily and log results with U.S. Water Reports™. “We are very pleased with the results we are seeing and want to continue to see improvements over the course a year,” said the director of operations.

How Much Can U.S. Water’s EnergyOUT Save You?

EnergyOUT enhances plant sustainability by lowering fuel demand, carbon emissions, chemical use and water discharge.

Proven Results:
As of June 2016, EnergyOUT has saved 14 U.S. Water customers a combined total of $594,547 or 39,524,859 gallons of water a year!

  • Average total savings a year: $42,468
  • Average gallons of water saved a year: 2,283,169
  • Average fuel savings a year: $30,846
  • Average MMBTU saved a year: 5,633
  • Average CO2 reduction a year: 556,253

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