U.S. Water’s Solution Significantly Reduces Juice Processing Plant’s Sewer Costs

A new construction juice processing plant in California was facing high sewer surcharges due to the plant's wastewater from juicing, rinse and bottling lines. The plant processes about 140,000 gallons of juice per week, utilizing approximately 130,000 gallons of water per day. The amount of total suspended solids and organics discharge in the wastewater, if left untreated, was estimated to result in $7MM per a year in sewer costs. The plant looked to U.S. Water for a cost-effective, wastewater solution.

DAF DischargeConsidering that the juice processing plant was not yet built, U.S. Water conducted a preliminary plant survey of a nearby, similar facility. During the survey, U.S. Water representatives gathered information on all of the overall plant operations including water sources, process requirements and discharge/wastewater streams. City sewer fees and surcharges were also assessed. An integrated, wastewater solution was presented to the plant.

U.S. Water provided engineering services to the treatment plant, which included all piping, electrical, structural and system design. Chemical feed systems provided coagulant, flocculant and pH adjustment. Rotary screens assisted with solids removal, and the plug flow reactor maximized the chemical efficiency prior to the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit. Clarified water is then discharged to the plant drain and solids are discharged to the plant waste sump/pit. In addition to the wastewater treatment and equipment, U.S. Water provided boiler and cooling water treatment.

U.S. Water successfully met all of the plant's compliance, start-up and budget requirements. The facility was producing product approximately six months after contracts were executed. U.S. Water's treatment was able to reduce the amount of total suspended solids by 80 – 90%. U.S. Water's integrated solution resulted in a saving of $3MM per year.

Since then, the plant has continued to expand and utilize additional engineering and equipment services from U.S. Water. Currently, U.S. Water is assisting in developing a water reuse program for the plant.
Waste water after (left) and before (right) treatment


  • U.S. Water's wastewater program has saved the plant $3MM per year in sewer costs.
  • U.S. Water successfully met all of the plant's compliance, start-up and budget requirements, delivering a complete and operational solution in approximately six months.

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